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Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative: Understanding Nantucket’s Unique Biodiversity

While island’s various conservation organizations each have a slightly different niche, one commonality is that they each have science-minded folks on staff with a great diversity of talents and an interest in conserving part of what makes Nantucket special – … Continue reading

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Northern long-eared bats call Nantucket home!

The Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative (NBI) is a collaboration of scientists from local conservation organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions. One of our main goals is to support and facilitate biodiversity research on Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget Islands and surrounding waters … Continue reading

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Meet Our 2016 Seasonal Research Field Assistants

Each year, the NCF Science and Stewardship Department hires a few lucky and talented people to help us through the field season with all of our various research, monitoring and restoration projects. We try to hire individuals with a passion … Continue reading

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Late Fall Color: Fruit, not Foliage!

Recent rainy and windy weather may have finished off most of our autumn leaves, but there’s still plenty of color across the Nantucket landscape. The Science & Stewardship staff at NCF would like to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving, and … Continue reading

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Nantucket Summer: Field Season

by Natalie Pawlikowski, NCF Seasonal Botany Field Research Assistant Five months on Nantucket have come and past. Most of my days have been spent working with the island’s diverse shrub, grass, and forb species.  Some highlights of the season included … Continue reading

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My Summer Work on Nantucket!

By: Kaitlyn Evans, NCF Seasonal Botany Field Research Assistant This summer I had the privilege of working on Nantucket as seasonal botany/ecology field assistant. I was able to participate in many different projects within the science department. These projects included … Continue reading

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What’s New In Nature: Flowering Goldenrods

Once the yellow of the goldenrod flowers begins popping up in Nantucket’s grasslands and through the road edges in the Middle Moors fall weather is not fall behind. Goldenrods are in the Asteraceae plant family – the largest plant family including … Continue reading

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